WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Upgrade To Vaping With Binaries Vape

Think about all the advantages of vaping without refilling! The Binaries Cabin vape achieves this with its innovative mesh coil design and generous 10,000 puff capacity.



What exactly is Binaries Vape?


Binaries vape is a vape brand dedicated to developing a new kind of disposable vape that not only overcomes the limitations of the current crop of low-capacity devices but also introduces the innovative feature of binary cores system to improve the atomization effect. This gives their electronic cigarettes a distinct marketing feature, which is sure to appeal to retailers.


Introduction of Binaries Cabin


The Binaries Cabin vape is a colorful 10,000-puff disposable vape in various flavors and comes with 20ml of pre-filled e-liquid. Binaries Cabin is equipped with a 650hAm rechargeable battery to heat the e-liquid. There are 27 flavors to choose from in this range. It is worth mentioning that Binaries Cabin uses the Dual Mesh Coils structure to improve the atomization conversion rate and taste performance so that the disposable vape experience will be upgraded to a higher level.


The Benefits of the disposable vapes from Binaries Vape


  1. Extraordinary Vapor Production: Thanks to their innovative double mesh coil construction, Binaries vapes produce far more vapor than other vapes.
  2. The vapes sold by Binaries vapes are disposable, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning them or replacing the e-juice when it runs out.
  3. There are a wide variety of flavors to pick from with Binaries vapes.
  4. Conveniently portable since they are disposable, Binaries vapes need less space in the bag.




Because of the exceptional quality and simplicity of the vapor produced by Binaries vapes, buyers looking to purchase one will seek a distributor who works with Binaries.



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