WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Binaries Vape

Binaries vape is currently the most popular vape brand worldwide. The Binaries vape collection features well-crafted disposable vapes with an array of rich flavors, boasting a puff count that ranges from 6000 to 12000 puffs. Moreover, the vape comes with an extra e-juice capacity of 12ml to 20ml, making it an ideal choice for wholesale buyers.

Innovative Cores

Our team is fully committed to researching vape technology, and we have invented several new core structures such as the binary core. The dual 1.0 ohm coils in the binary core deliver an exceptional flavor output throughout the vaping session, while simultaneously increasing the nic conversion rate. This makes your vaping experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

Vanilla Custard

Massive Flavors

From the sweet and refreshing taste of fruits, to the roasted and rich taste of dessert flavors and everything in between.


Nic Alternatives

Our unique nic formulas are tailored to work for a broad range of vapers, satisfying every group of vapers – 2/3/5% 


Binaries Vape Disposable is committed to giving you a fantastic vaping experience and providing excellent service to our partners.

As a trusted vaping brand, Binaries is the disposable vape division of Horizon Tech. Binaries Vape is to supply partners with high-quality vape disposable products at competitive prices.

With a highly competitive price and a strong focus on vape product design, development, and manufacturing, Binaries Vape of Horizon Tech has become a leader in the disposable vape industry, offering the best-selling disposable vape supplies in the world.

  • Quality Assurance
    Unique in the market, Binaries Vape is a leading vaping brand that offers partners an authentic and complete experience regarding disposable vape wholesale products, services, and innovation.
  • Brand Innovation
    Binaries is continuously developing new technologies and methods to improve products from our vaping brand, creating advanced designs to fit our vape disposable’s core structure and e-liquids. All above leads to best-in-class disposable electronic cigarette experiences.
  • Customer Service
    The Binaries vape support team is available to clients 24/7 via email, phone, or live chat. We will assist partners with any confusion or questions about wholesale disposable vapes with professional customer service.


Here you can learn about many users’ evaluations of Binaries Vape’s disposable electronic cigarettes, and gain an in-depth understanding of the ultimate experience that our disposable vapes bring to users.


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